Who is paul wesley dating torrey devitto www funndating com

So why not try his luck with another co-star that he has acted opposite for almost 8 years?

we've learned he's getting the lion's share of loot in his divorce from Torrey De Vitto ... Turns out Paul and Torrey -- who also appeared on the show -- signed a prenup -- obtained by TMZ -- that keeps all their earnings separate ... On top of that, the prenup provides he gets all the money he fronted for the purchase of their home -- 0,593 -- and she gets what she put in -- a measly K. He gets to keep the Prius, the Triumph Bonneville chopper and an Audi Q5. The couple married back in April 2011 and separated in July. The three of them even posted a picture on Instagram together proving to the world that they do not have any beef between them, as the media would otherwise lead people to believe.But this leaves Dobrev free to try out alternatives in the world of dating before she settles down with "the one". (I didn’t watch the last five minutes yet, which are waiting for me on the DVR, so if there was a cliffhanger I haven’t seen it!The part I did see resolved most of the major issues, and that’s all I’ll say for fear of revealing spoilers.) On , Wesley plays beefcake vampire Stefan, the love interest to lead Nina Dobrev’s Elena.

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