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No one wants to take on a special project with problems, they want someone who is starting with a clean slate. Remember, be hard to forget by leaving something to the imagination.

Disclose personal information slowly and make sure it’s reciprocal. Conversation should always be balanced and include active listening.

Does this sound familiar: you’re on a date with someone new and you open your mouth and it ALL comes out, and by all I mean EVERYTHING … We typically overshare because we’re either nervous or we feel a little too comfortable with the person we’re with.

This has led people to feel like oversharing is normal instead of realizing that some things should be kept private, or only shared when the time is right.

I decided the best thing for my sanity, and the safety of those I live with, was to lean-in to my inebriation…in a way Sheryl Sandberg would most assuredly not approve!

It’s true, I took a little step back from Dirty and writing in order to clean house; I freed myself from self-imposed deadlines and social media meet-ups. Although, I didn’t contribute much to the site, as I looked back on 2014 it became obvious that I still had a pretty kick-ass year!

Marrie Lobel is a California based freelance sex and relationship writer, Geekalicious creator of Dirty In and Co-Host of Sex Love Chat Podcast Podcast.

Whether you are new to Dirty or missed some of the happenings, I present to you…

Suzie, from Single Dating Diva, and I cast a spell over Mr n Mrs Romance Podcast.

Since the hack of celebrities’ private i Cloud accounts and subsequent release of once intimate photos, op-eds and reader comments have levied the burden of fault on the A-list victims themselves.

One You know, there is a great way to stop this..... Knowing that there are people out there who want naked pics of celebrities, the celebs fall into the trap because they are stupid. —dhd123 Passing off opinions as practical advice is simply sugar-coating discrimination.

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