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It is not so much what happens in the story, but more what happens to the characters we are introduced to.

Its leading actress, Rim Chae, was already familiar to me as the ‘good girl’ lead in All About Eve, and in We Are Dating Now she is even more endearing -- like a Korean Sandra Dee. Unlike other dramas I’ve watched, We Are Dating Now has a very simple plotline.

The cast further included VIXX’s N and Ji-Soo, who appeared in “Angry Mom.” “Sassy Go Go” is high school K-drama, set in Sevit High School, which portrayed the struggles and inferiorities of students.

As students were rated by their academic performance, the sole focus of students were only achieving higher ranking by any means.

“I could not stop crying when we were watching the finale episode together in the same room where we had gathered to watch the first episode,” Suzy wrote on Instagram.

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