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Since 1974, the whole of Kyrenia district, most of Famagusta district, and the northern portion of Nicosia district are occupied by Turkish forces.

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Ο ΑΝΤΕΝΝΑ εγκαινίασε στις αρχές του 2012 το δικό του internet world μέσα από τη νέα διακτυακή του πύλη.

While Ancient Greece had bronzed gods and flaxen-haired goddesses, your talent pool in the infamous modern day resort of Malia on Crete consists of other drunken holidaymakers.

Your level of sexiness may depend on how many Jägerbomb‎s your prospective partner has consumed (beauty being in the eye of the sozzled beholder and all that), but with 43 discos per square mile, your chances of 'action' are slightly higher than at home. The invention of the ‘little blue pill’ revolutionised many people’s sex lives adding a bit of 'lead to their pencil', where that lead was lacking.

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