Cybersexchat site

The use of workbooks will keep you on task and accountable to your recovery program along with a detailed plan of action to get you to where you want to be and how you want to live.

Many sex addicts need to learn the skill of empathy and be coached in this practice.

They fill the "void," the "hole in the soul," and provide momentary "self-medication." Viewing pornography and engaging in sexual chat are ways to "feel good" by passing time in an all-consuming activity that blocks out the trying realities of life, the difficulties at hand.

But for pornography and cybersex addicts, exacting, time-consuming rituals leading up to the "main event" become a major part of the process.

The work focuses on understanding and working through the Trauma of the discovery of the behavior.

We utilize the Trauma Model in the treatment of partners.

They begin to realize they have been traumatized by what they have learned.From casinos to lotteries, the gambling (also called gaming) industry has exploded in American culture. About 1 percent of adults are pathological gamblers, notes the National Council on Problem Gambling.Another 2 to 3 percent have less significant, yet still serious, gambling problems.Thus a man may invent elaborate excuses for his wife as to why he is spending so many late nights at the office.A father is afflicted by photophobia, making his universe an alien landscape.

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