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You can view the docket entries organized by case or by topical category (coming soon…) using the links below. Search Options: Debtor Name Starts With: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # aai Pharma Inc. Subsequently, the claimant sought leave to file a motion for rehearing in light of the jurisdictional issues raised by Background: The chapter 7 trustee asserted a counterclaim for breach of contract under a brand license agreement seeking a money judgment against a creditor that had filed a proof of claim against the length and concluded that, “absent consent, a presiding bankruptcy judge will have to suggest a rationale and a possible outcome to the district court . As a result, the court ordered the parties to file “express written statements as to whether their clients consent to entry of a final judgment . Moreover, the creditor expressed its view that consent of the parties may be “irrelevant” under , and any final judgment would suffer the same constitutional infirmities regardless of consent.The creditor also stated that it hoped that “the Judicial Conference of the United States will shortly recommend a revised standing order to be adopted by all federal courts.”Background: The trustee of a liquidating trust established under Bearing Point’s confirmed chapter 11 plan moved for an order granting limited relief from certain provisions of the plan and confirmation order. (a/k/a Media News Group, Inc.) Ag Energy Resources Inc. Ag Feed USA, LLC (a/k/a M2P2, LLC) AGH Liquidating, LLC (f/k/a Alexander Gallo Holdings, LLC) Agripartners Limited Partnership Agriprocessors, Inc. Iowa) AGT Wind Down Acquisition LLC (f/k/a AGT Crunch Acquisition LLC) (Crunch Fitness) Agway Inc.

So it should come as no surprise that the bankruptcy bar is abuzz following the Supreme Court’s recent decision in 564 U. 2 (2011), holding that bankruptcy courts lack the constitutional authority to enter final judgment on a state law counterclaim that is not resolved in the process of ruling on a creditor’s proof of claim. The answer to that question will be determined largely by how the lower courts interpret the Supreme Court’s ruling.This site does not necessarily reflect the opinions of my current or any former employer.The perspectives on this site may or may not be appropriate for any given situation and are not intended to be, and should not be taken as, legal advice.All comments submitted to this site are subject to review prior to posting.When you need an unbiased professional to intervene, an independent board member to help decide, or an unbiased intermediary to take control of a complex situation, you need someone who has the ability to work with others as an honest broker while remaining true to their fiduciary duties.

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